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To Know Dumas fils

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Speech on Mentoring, 2012

by Dumas fils

violin Here After Pages Sammy Harbor eic 2 with white border

Here After Pages For Sammy Harbour

by Dumas fils

...Things I wanted him to know, only we had run out of his time.

(excerpt from, “End Of Years”, by D’fils)


…and then I write his poem, thanking him for thanking enough…


It was 16 years ago; we were burying a youth named Clayton.  When the time came for eulogy and reflections an old man got up to the mic and told his quivering voice-story about a grandmother who had passed, and how he had thanked her many times for all her kindnesses while she was alive.  He ended his reflection for us with: ‘I am sorry only that I did not thank you enough.’ And he sat back down next to me, and I looked over at him, unshamedly crying in wonderment of his words.


And I cry still for the many children I have loved who took the time, while grace lingered, to live my learnings and to thank me enough.  For just one of their 'Thank Yous' was always enough.


Click here for Requiem: Habb

Requiem: Habb Nelson

Cover Life is not a Reality border  eic 2b

Brian is a special friend of mine.  He and I have been writing together for several years.  Even though he lives in Uganda, our correspondence has been very long and prosperous.


Brian Duncan Kiige now resides (as of September 2012) in USA and is finishing his Masters.


In his own words about his book:


"If you have ever thought of a book which could cause a positive change in your life, then read my recent book LIFE ISN'T A GAME BUT A REALITY , it covers all aspects of life, what can you talk about in life which isn't in this book???"


In my own words about him:


He has always called me Mukisa, which means 'blessing' in his culture. And that I have been to him.  Though he has meant much more to me, and many more words and in many other ways, I support this 'son' as I have my many other 'sons'. Though he and I have never met physically--God, willing, that time can come, we shall enjoy all that our two lives have meant to each other.  What a day, that.


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preview of the book  when you get to the link.

Speech-Marks Speech-Marks
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For five decades Sam Dumas has been writing under the pen: Dumas fils. To him this name honors the fathers of his father and cousins beside.  To know Dumas fils is to read Sam Dumas' lines one at a time, and think.

I am fearless, I can do the math of any mountain. Unless I get writer's block.         ---Dumas fils 

With the realistic thought, Dear Reader, that we humans only have each other for a short time in any

relationship period—Common Core,

parent to [email protected],

lectura to audience, etc — I welcome you with addendum: that here you may find words for the few moments we indeed have, and words to take freely with you

to peruse in the rest of your life.

The longer I go through the small woods of life, the more beauty I  see in this All we are passing through. So much to say about it, and there is so much to physically be touched by.  


It is always widening: my love and fascination for this universe. It just never stops; nor does the hunger stop for more of this awesome kind of food. The facts we see around us sustain not just us but all the world.


Wisdom is said to be the skillful use of  knowledge. That is where humans excel. Humanity contains this most enjoyable part of this universe that we may touch and handle. I first found this enjoyment at nine --a time when I really  began to live. The special story which follows is about that time.  I call it, Lord Jim.



Joseph Conrad et Dumas Pere


(At the time of this story, we saw an old movie titled, Lord Jim.  I was so captured by the depths of honor I had learned from the movie that it is no wonder I am associating the two titles here, incorporating the two for maximum liveliness (dimension). However, see on Wikipedia for 'the rest of the story' that resembles Dumas' 'Count Monte' lines of thinking in so many intriguing embellishments.  Lord Jim, 1899, Joseph Conrad.)

Lord Jim

(excerpt from, The Tenth Word, book I)

Chapter: Lord Jim

My colleague and I were entertaining how to get our students interested in their future…  we determined, 'we would need a past…'

DS5 Shield and sword as png The Noctilucent Smoke of War 1a signed Scaped

The Noctilucent Smoke of War

Dumas fils

(Digital Painting for all the people at war - July 2014)

Sunset Fliers

Dumas fils

(Digital Painting - October 31, 2014)

October Flyers fini 2 Signed

Stormy Shores - Parent with Children

Dumas fils

(Digital Painting, 2016)

The Fourth Angel 1e fini signed Coronet Font

An Angel Announcing

Dumas fils

(Digital Painting: part 1, 2015)

                                     Credit: angel, public domain.

I'm met a baby at one of my graduations I attended this past June. I said, "Hi! I see you have a new baby brain." He smiled back at me, his tiny palms tightly surrounding air as if he knew now—after only two month-moments of breathing--that it was air that was to be highly prized  and that breathing and air worked greatly together. He just held his fists on both sides of this little tyke of a body and kicked his legs vigorously at me. And I googled again toward him, "And you smile. Good.  Keep smiling, it'll make your brain grow.   And don’t forget to smile at all the bugs and all the toys and all the frogs and all the books and all the girls and all the buses; then your brain will keep growing until it is a man-brain, and then you will certainly do a lot of good in this world."

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Avoid and never have writers block --ever!

Stormy Shores parent  kids

30 x 15

Looking For The Morning In Everything - Signed Dec

Look For The Morning In Everything

Dumas fils

(Digital Painting,  2015)

                                          With Mother's Day Poem

How do you inspire your children eic 2 copy West Island

West Island

Dumas fils

(Digital - July 2014)

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Jaden - I buy rocks series

Pool In the Hinterland


( For Jaden, From my 'I buy rock series' - July 2016)

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5 Gerunds of Mentoring

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