To shine out like shook foil...

--Gerard Manley Hopkins


Preface to Tenth Word I

My mother used to say, “As long as you live in this house, you will respect me!”

She would scold this mostly toward my older brother and to my sister, almost as a mantra.

What I never heard her communicate once in my nineteen years at home was what respect meant and how to perform it. Out of eight children none of us completely complied.  We failed, --had a reason to succeed--but failed; and I saw her misery.

Word Miser

When I finally gained a working definition of respect, I was twenty-one, returning from the killing-fields ward.  By then I was really in love with the importance of a good working definition of a word. I had traveled past Misery and on to Miser; succeeding responsibly past this second word and on to many other words.

A Word as a Lifetime

The first word for this book began in ninth grade when, in passing, our teacher  thought we might want to know what it meant. The word was: maturity.  His best definition for this word was simple and easy for me to check out. It was the first word, I discovered, that would take me a lifetime to complete its math.

My worlds have never been too dark because of that working definition. I remember testing it casually at first, not knowing what all its definings truly meant. But by my second daughter’s second birthday I had learned The Tenth Word: what friend meant--and lo! what a measured  man I was becoming.


We all fail at life--all equals being at ‘play’--when we fail at performing essential words.

There are three most essential words: (and you may test them for their ‘essentiality’ if you wish)

Read, Math and Writing.

When we fail at reading
we fail at measuring.

When we fail at mathing
we also fail at measuring.

When we fail
at writing (conversing)
we have failed at measuring.


If measuring equals X and 3X=85 then Self-esteem is
> large. (greater than large)

If one loves to practice these three essentials, Self-esteem is guaranteed to be strong.

My Mantra

So I now--and for many years--say to youth:

Reading is Mathing
and Mathing is Writing.

You can do the most simplest test for this working concept the next time you do a math problem. You may also test a simplified part of this if you read a book.  Basically when we read we measure or calculate what letters are in the words; at the same time we write them into the brain…every time we read, we write...every time we add words together, we write...every time.

Wherever You Go

To go far in all the things we task, and be worthy of breath, we must have a working definition of these three most loved words.

Sum (math)

The sum of these two books, The Tenth Word I and The Tenth Word II, is to give some good working definitions of thirty words almost all parents want youth to perform.

This book is dedicated to the following youth who have most charmed and sustained me with their genius during my brief life. With great amount of thanks and unrevealed emotions, I give their favorite name:

His best definition for this word was simple and easy for me to check out. It was the first word, I discovered, that would take me a lifetime to complete its math.


Sam End Of Years

"It was the best of times; it was the worst of times" --Tale Of Two Cities. All of these last years are filled with times and times and dividing of times; because we just hate to leave all of this All now that we have found It, --and there is so much good left to do. End of years: further writings of Dumas fils.

Gratitude by Dumas fils signed

The Higher Places of Gratitude

Dumas fils
(Digital Painting, 2015)

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