To shine out like shook foil...

--Gerard Manley Hopkins

Below are some related links:
The first is link to Lyrics. The second is link to pictures of the Saline Towers along the Nahe in today's time. You'll find photos in the exact middle of the scroll.

(The author carries much indebtedness to the humans who ‘write the songs.’
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)

The Maths of Life by D'fils  an Emendel Book Png

The Maths of Life

A book of the maddening thrill upon thrills of my uses of math. The adventure here is as wide as the invisibility of Dark Energy and as close as the silent prophet that speaks inside your head when he says: what were you thinking, you Meat Head? Or my explanation that the E in E=mc square doesn't mean Energy but Esteem.

Aritist: Marianna Rose Smith

Marianna has been doing art of almost all kinds since she was at least eight years old. I watched as she did this latest work. I saw, hour by hour, as this little masterpiece developed, almost like how I have watched her talents grow over years while we helped raise her.

With this piece, though, she does well, for like the pictures below of our fountain, it is in fitting form of the kind of natural art that defines Seattle and Tacoma WA: it rains.

Mari's Painting thin_gold_frame fini jpg

Like 'Old Faithful',
Tacoma Pacific Ave Fountain erupts......


Photographs by Laurie Jo


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