To shine out like shook foil...

--Gerard Manley Hopkins

One Day Last Week

On one of the first days of the week my colleague and I were entertaining how to get our students interested in their future. After several words we determined that in order to get them to appropriately value the future, we would need a past, and in order to obtain a past we would need a relationship, and that that relationship could then be used in the present short time we have them; and only in that present could we build (teach) for the future.

Residents of the Past

How many things reside in ones past? How many things are packed into two people’s past? How many good things are in the lives of our teachers, parents, and friends? If there is only one good thing, even one good lively thought in a relationship, then today can become a new conversation. And it is the keeping around of something new that makes future a nice place to keep going into.

Past and Relationship are never separated. So that even after several decades apart two can come close again and make future, even a very small short one, with so ever a small ember, or even a quick third degree flame.


We even experience relationship with only our self. We are always talking off the walls in our skull housing, whether it is making promises to ourselves or shouting down and calling ourselves ‘idioto’. The things that majorly form this kind of relationship are our words, the conversations of our soul. So, then, if there are words around, then there exist some kind of relationship. Words announced, form relationships.

Wynn Addendum

Michael Wynn visited our school and spoke to our staff. One of the gifts in words that he proffered in his presentation was on the order: if we want more of our students to think college boundedly, we might think toward changing our conversations with them. Somehow this small verse was hint enough to our teaching staff. His message now resonates with us , and we keep concluding ideas like: only in the present can we change the conversation and build(teach) future with our students.

We don’t stand before our students conversing about the variety of things in our curriculum, and not develop a relationship. No matter what shape the relationship takes, two can build toward their future. It is our desire as educators to have a lot of impact on our students. We live to inspire the many of them, and the few, ‘or the one.’

The Blue Present

Only in the present can we build with the things from the past. These commodities (things) become the futures indeed, but nothing else can be used. It reminds me of the educational games, and others, back in the eighties, where you pocketed items you found in the rooms or levels and pulled them out for use when you needed them later in the game. And so also this same process seems to be in the great games of today.

So why not use with our students the good from the past? Whether in ones self, or toward another student, the things from the past make more even bigger.

This process is exactly the same concept as that of adding a dimension: taking something we know that is good in a student’s life and building on it; making it broader, even doubly intensifying it. Making that happen is the best part of relationships.

(-ship, means shape, Webster and the Greeks.)

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Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.)

The Maths of Life by D'fils  an Emendel Book Png

The Maths of Life

A book of the maddening thrill upon thrills of my uses of math. The adventure here is as wide as the invisibility of Dark Energy and as close as the silent prophet that speaks inside your head when he says: what were you thinking, you Meat Head? Or my explanation that the E in E=mc square doesn't mean Energy but Esteem.

Aritist: Marianna Rose Smith

Marianna has been doing art of almost all kinds since she was at least eight years old. I watched as she did this latest work. I saw, hour by hour, as this little masterpiece developed, almost like how I have watched her talents grow over years while we helped raise her.

With this piece, though, she does well, for like the pictures below of our fountain, it is in fitting form of the kind of natural art that defines Seattle and Tacoma WA: it rains.

Mari's Painting thin_gold_frame fini jpg

Like 'Old Faithful',
Tacoma Pacific Ave Fountain erupts......


Photographs by Laurie Jo


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